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Fraud Exams / Risk Analysis / Other

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Service Description

Fraud Examinations / Expense Reviews Do you have concerns that something “just doesn’t look right” with your organization’s cashflow? Is an employee using YOUR money without permission? Business is booming, but you have nothing to show for it or you struggle to pay bills? Imagine building a successful operation only to go bankrupt after a trusted friend (helping you out) or employee steals your money. You may need to have a third-party perform a fraud examination or expense review to check things out. How can I help? Risk / Internal Control Analysis Even if you don’t suspect fraud in your organization, it is always a good investment to establish or strengthen existing Internal Controls to minimize risks of such occurrences. Businesses are not the only organizations at risk. Non-profits, professional organizations, HOAs, churches, etc. are not immune from bankruptcy and/or damaged reputations resulting from dishonest acts by board members, treasurers, volunteers, officers, employees, even clergy. I can review your small organization’s policies & procedures and operations with an independent eye. We can work together to establish Internal Controls or strengthen what you already have in place. However, eliminating ALL risks is not possible. Have you addressed risks facing your organization? Elder Services You may find yourself growing increasingly concerned with how your parents handle their own finances or their inability to do simple tasks (i.e. – calculate a tip). And, to top it off, Mom and Dad may need help with tasks of daily living. We can put together a flexible plan to help Mom and/or Dad with their bookkeeping while honoring their dignity with only as much of their involvement as desired. How can I help? Other Agreed-upon Procedures If the specific services mentioned above just don’t apply to your circumstances, let’s meet and discuss how I can help.

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